Employee of the Month: Kohey

Our first month brings us to celebrate September’s employee of the month – Kohey! Kohey is a junior programmer that started interning for us in August, and in a few short weeks has proven to be a superb employee with the energy, wit, and appetite that echoes Supplycart’s values.


Hungry for growth, both inside and out

Hailing from Tokyo, Kohey is a Material Mechatronics major that came to Malaysia to acquire first-hand experience of working in a startup before entering the working world. Additionally, Kohey is also here to practice English and find himself a Malaysian wife (Tinder profile coming soon!).

Image 2.jpg
Mou Man Tai attitude = Good husband material

An enthusiastic individual with a driven approach at work, you can either find him occupied with his laptop in a quiet corner or passed out in any nook and cranny in the office for a micro nap.

Image 3.jpg
Supplycart’s Power Nap Advocate hard at work!

Fun fact: Micro naps are common in Japan, and is seen as a sign of a intense commitment to work that leaves the person unable to keep awake throughout the office hours. We have an album filled with his commitment to work as proof.

Image 4.jpg
He works hard too! Setting up for our event @ KLCC

When not pulling long hours at the office, Kohey can be found working out at the gym, karaoke-ing with colleagues, and enjoying yum cha sessions with his Malaysian friends. His favourite food in Malaysia is chap fan (so cheap!), and he has a surprisingly high tolerance for super spicy foods.

Image 5.JPG
Chili Pan Mee? Tastes like Shoyu Ramen.

His pet peeve would be Malaysian toilets and nerf guns. But much like our Malaysian timing, he has grown to tolerate them over time…

Image 6.jpg
If you can’t win them, you join them!

Kohey’s biggest personal accomplishment in Supplycart is learning to share and collaborate with others on projects and working at a superhuman speed for a startup. He also discovered that Malaysians do not eat dogs.

Image 7.jpg
Kohey’s final day with us at the SME Solutions Expo 2016 in KLCC

His ultimate lesson from Supplycart would be to “Move fast and break things,” a mantra for all our operations, making him a perfect fit for the company. Unfortunately, Kohey’s tenure with us will end this September, and the office will not be the same without his daily revelations and otherworldly insights. Have an awesome time back to Tokyo, Kohey!

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