How to Put ‘Good Riddance’ in Goodbyes

Farewell parties may be hard but should be done as a rite of passage for a teammate that has served the company the best they can. Getting everyone involved is also half the fun, a good way for everyone at the office to send a fellow colleague off in good spirits for their next adventure!

So where do you start? Here are 5 quick tips on how to plan a farewell party to remember:-

1. Hold it OUT of the office
You spend most of your time together in the office, so that’s the last place you want to hold it at. Find a more casual place where your friend would like to have a party and make sure that it can handle a crowd. Make sure you book ahead for bigger parties so you can get a comfortable space.

2. Plan ahead of time

Make sure that everyone in the office will get at least a week’s notice to plan their schedule ahead. Find out what your guest would like as a present and give each teammate some time to come up with their own farewell message.

3. Organise it in secret!
Book your guest ahead of time, but start an email thread or chat group and discuss options for agendas and presents. This can keep your planning discussions in real life to the minimum and keep your teammate guessing until their very last day.

4. Prepare a present 
Be it a simple gift card, handmade collage, or some company merchandise, leave your guest with a memento that can be brought to their next workplace or even for their personal use at home. Something personal is better than something expensive – remember that it is the thought that counts!

5. Have fun and take lots of pictures!

Skippys Gillian.jpg
Be it the funny speeches or comical reactions, the person who is being celebrated will not necessarily have the time to document their final moments with the company. Take a few pictures for keepsake and remember to relax and have fun!

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