5 Halloween Must-haves in The Office

October is drawing to a close, with parties being thrown at work or home in conjunction with Halloween. Are you organizing a party at the office with no idea where to start? Or just looking to get everyone in the Halloween mood?

Here we have a couple of harrowing essentials to spice things up for Halloween.

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Do you sometimes feel like somebody’s watching you?
  1. Menacing Pumpkin

Pumpkins are iconic to add the mood to the Halloween festivities. Carve out some fresh pumpkins with a sharp serrated knife and spoon, but if your office has policies against leaving fresh produce out in the open, a stuffed pumpkin will have to do for a comic appeal.

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Fresh blood oranges – nutritious with a berry-like tang
  1. Blood Oranges

Blood oranges from Australia are in season now. Get a box delivered to your office, and leave them out for your unsuspecting colleagues who are in for the surprise of their lives. Give both a trick and treat! 😉

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Take one! I dare you.
  1. Red Apples

Sometimes, even the simplest decorations can raise eyebrows with the right touch. Slap on a creepy message that will amuse your colleagues during their pantry run. Suggestions include “for Snow White only”, “Help yourself, only one is poisoned ;)” and “Totally normal apples.”

Full recipe at skinnytaste
  1. BOO-na-nas

An office treat which is easy to make and tastes as good as it looks! All you need are frozen bananas dipped in some melted white chocolate and topped off with chocolate chips for adorable eyes that will charm your witch hats off.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Trick or treat?
  1. Candy!

Brighten up the office with a vibrant selection of candy for your colleagues. For those of you who would like to localise the experience, ‘old school’ sweets and candy bars are a nostalgic yet affordable alternative to get the crowd hyped.

What are the other ideas you would have to ensure your office enjoys a spooktacular time? Share your ideas with us below. We won’t bite. 😉

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