Employee of the Month: Eugene

October’s employee of the month is a particularly prominent figure in our company – not because of his size, but because of his natural charisma and appetite for life that makes him a treasured addition to the Supplycart team.

Eugene on a Good Hair Day

As our Business Development Manager, Eugene is in charge of strategic acquisition, maintaining fruitful relationships with clients, and eating all our leftover food. Working in the startup field is natural to him, as he is a serial entrepreneur that has hustled his way from selling toys and shirts at flea markets to running a chain of restaurants in the Klang Valley.

Apparently Panda haircuts are all the rage for future entrepreneurs

Eugene has a bachelor in Food Technology and Theology – making him the father figure of the company, quite literally! He’s got a cool and laid back attitude that makes him a really easy person to chat with about figures, daily weather, and haircut choices.

Sweet and economical way to impress his wife

So what does Eugene do outside the office? He finds joy in food hunting with friends to ensure they can “grow prosperous” together. He also spends a good deal of time coming up with puns and dad jokes in preparation for parenthood (we’re still waiting, Eugene!). Trivial matters aside, he has a penchant for helping the needy and is a regular volunteer for social causes at church events.

Hosting a group of children from a local kids home

Like every other working Malaysian, he is currently on a mission to eat healthier at the office, which makes him a perfect specimen to test our daily diet of salads, teas, new pantry goods that he dubs as ‘rabbit food’.

Well… mostly in the office.

However, he does have a short fuse for those who mess with his eerily huge pile of Post-it notes, which he hoards but never ever uses.

Something about their colours that brighten his day

Eugene’s personal achievement in Supplycart would be fitting into his Supplycart t-shirt. But we also marvel at the fact that as a ‘banana’ (Chinese that does not speak Chinese), he had a superhero ninja moment where he managed to step up and personally liaise with a bunch of suppliers with some really broken Cantonese!

Our Cantonese-speaking superhero working undercover

Eugene’s biggest lesson for Supplycart is that you would have to be crazy to work in a startup at what many consider to be an old age (he’s in his early 30s but acts like he’s 60). But that is exactly what makes him so special – a believing believer that believes in the unbelievable for Supplycart!

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