5 Christmas Gift Ideas You Should Not Be Thinking About

Christmas is just around the corner and some are cracking their heads on Christmas gift ideas. There are a bunch of cool inexpensive stuffs out in the market and yet, some just can’t think of any.

We did a survey and we find that some gifts are just absolutely, completely, utterly ridiculous as a Christmas gift. So here is our top 5 gift ideas you should NOT even consider to get for someone this Christmas.

#5: Laundry Basket

Image credit: Dormco

#4: US Dollar printed toilet roll

Image credit: Amazon

#3: Nicely wrapped empty recycle box

Image credit: Pinterest

#2: Toilet brush

Image credit: Aliexpress

#1: An unrecognised gift voucher that expired years ago

GIF credit: GIPHY

If you have received worst than our top 5, do let us know in the comment section below!

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