Employee of the Month: Iona

It’s tough to say goodbye to November because our penguin lover, EDM enthusiast, retired coffee hunter, thrift shopper and not to mention hyped up bubbly employee, Iona will be leaving us for a new adventure. Hence, there is no better time than awarding ‘Employee of the Month’ to this tough nut that many equate to Jigglypuff’s tantrums. We surely are going to miss you, Iona!

As our Community Manager aka Office Revolutionist, Iona is in charge of all offline events outside of the office, our blog editor and of course, making the office a fun environment with her jokes (some times, not so funny jokes) and her insane level of energy which quite frankly, not everyone can keep up with this – in a good way!

This Klang girl studied International Business prior to joining Groupon and Supplycart. But what does Iona up to outside of office? She hit it hard at the gym and very much a bodycombat fan who enjoys spending her afternoons with either a thick book or some insatiable tabloid articles over Daily Mail. #drama

As a foodie herself, she have an eggceptional love for eggs and fried chicken. She is a person who takes expiration labels as suggestions as long as they are still good to consume and hasn’t touched the floor…for erm, 5 seconds.

Iona’s personal achievement in Supplycart would be watching the team grow to greater heights, hearing satisfied Supplycart’s customers and of course, organising our very first ‘Office Invasion’ over at VLT’s.

How did she do it? By living on her life mantra, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!” – her mom.

Go girl!

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