Adding Christmas Touch in the Office

Working during the festive season can be very stressful especially when the work starts to pile up. Keeping everyone happy this time of the year can be as simple as brightening up their surroundings and infusing the office with some Christmas touch. Here’s some tips that will help you uplift the holiday spirit at work.  

  1. Simple decorations

Walking into the office with the same old, dull and plain look can put anyone off. Adding a few decorations in the office will help get your coworkers into the holiday spirit. Wreaths, tinsel or maybe even a small Christmas tree will bring a festive feel to the office. If you want to kick it up to a another level, have a team decorating competition and award the winner a prize.

  1. Upgrade the Facility

As December marks the last month of the year, it is the ideal time to take note of all the things in the office that need an upgrade. Little do you know that the facilities that haven’t been fixed for a long period of time is causing much of the frustration in the office. You can make a world of a difference with a cooler air conditioner. It keeps everyone happy and calm in this blazing Malaysian weather. Get it fixed now!

  1. Keeping a Clean Office

Working in an environment that is conducive is essential in increasing productivity at any workplace. With Christmas just around the corner and New Year approaching soon after, it is the best time to revamp your surroundings, give it a facelift and commence a regime for it. Find one that works for your space and your schedule today!

  1. Christmas Carols

Uplifting the Christmas spirit doesn’t take much – sing a song or two everyday after lunch hours. Pick a song, get a few colleagues to strum the guitar and sing together. Singing together is an easy way to destress from the pile of workload and getting everyone else in the office in the bubbly mood.

  1. Be a Secret Santa

Getting into the spirit of giving can be done in many ways – exchange of gifts is one of the simplest way to do it with the people you spend most of your weekdays with.The whole process of figuring out the best gift to buy and the excitement of giving builds the Christmas spirit in all of us. If you’re having a hard time picking out a gift, leave it to the experts to make a customised gift box for you – employee gift box & client gift box.

As you spend many hours in the office, it is time to take the effort to make this Christmas a cheerful one, not just with your colleagues, but with everyone around you!

Article contributed by ServisHero

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