5 Christmas Party Essentials

‘Tis the season for some year-end cheer, with December bringing about bright lights, jingly songs, and merry plans with friends. Get the good times rolling with these essential and fun ideas to get the office buzzing for Christmas:-

  1. Set up a Christmas Tree
Small or tall, Christmas trees are a must!

A Christmas tree for the office can lighten up the mood with its colourful ornaments, fairy lights, and perhaps some presents for a lucky draw at the bottom? Pro tip, try and find a reasonably sized Christmas tree that will not end up becoming a nuisance!

  1. Start a Gift Exchange with the office
A little giving won’t hurt no one 🙂

Secret Santa is a fun way to ensure everyone can participate without feeling left out. A nice way is to allocate a budget (RM10-RM30) and get everyone to draw lots with recipients on them, and get something nice for the recipient. Keep the identity a secret till the day of the exchange, or even allow the secret Santa to write three hints to help the recipient guess the identity of their Santa!


  1. Kickstart a donation drive

Charity giveaway.jpg

More interested in giving instead of receiving? Plan something different where you commit to surprise an orphanage or old folks home with some of your nice clothes or supplies, and get your colleagues to donate what they would like to gift them. Getting a wishlist for each person from these homes and getting your colleagues to pick one each would be great to help those who aren’t sure what to get for the charity.

  1. Care pack for everyone


The office becomes a busy place at the end of the year, and some may not even have the time to participate in office games or parties. To ensure no one is left out, we recommend sending them a little care pack to show your appreciation for their hard work and lighten up the mood in the office.

  1. Party with FOOD

Raisin the roof.JPG

Avoid the usual sit-down party and book and event space with catering services. Having the party in a free booked space outside the office encourages the people to mingle and not get stuck with their own departments for another team meal. If you can’t have the party outside the office, it’d be a bonus for employees if you had an early celebration in the evening and let everyone off a little earlier than usual. For this, you can hire a caterer or host a potluck with your colleagues.

What is your office planning to do for Christmas?

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