Ramp up your productivity by outsourcing your data entry

Every business needs to concentrate on the core activities of their business, and that’s often not easy to achieve as they’re constantly troubled by the stack of menial tasks. Thanks to technological advancements and the convenience of the digital world today, there’s a painless way to handle your next bulk of data entry – outsource them out to us – Supahands! Besides productivity, here are the benefits you’ll get from outsourcing your data entry.


1. Reduce Your Operational Cost

It has been researched and on average, a company can save about 60% in operational costs, with an outsourced individual. You won’t have to worry about the costs and hassle associated with hiring an intern or an executive. Something so simple can take up a lot of effort as you go from finding the right person to other matters like medical insurance or employment taxes.

2. Scale Your Project Size

Outsourcing data entry also reduces overheads significantly. With the price you’d pay for a full time assistant, you can divide the workload to a number of workers at once to get the job done quicker at half of the price.

3. Save on expensive software

It is said that 9 out of 10 times, SMEs tend to purchase software that isn’t fully utilised like Lexmark or Viking Software Solutions. An outsourcing service will have all the related softwares and practices to complete the task professionally.

With so many options out in the market, be sure to choose a service with precision, credibility and expertise. And that’s where Supahands comes in. Let us help you handle your data effectively.

By doing so, you’ll be able to achieve maximum production output with a trained team, while also reaping the benefits of the extra time so that you can concentrate on your core business ventures and goals.

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