What are refurbished computers and why should I get them?

Generally, ‘refurbishment’ means the distribution of electronics that was previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. And these reasons could be;

  • failed to meet the quality and standard
  • returned by customer and cannot be sold as new

But fret not, refurbished computers are repaired and tested for functionality before selling as refurbished for a price slash. Refurbished computers could be a great way to cut some of your office expenses especially for small to medium enterprises.

No matter the size of your organization, it is always good to first figure out what each and every individual need from a computer to ensure the satisfactory level of your purchase. For instance, a graphic designer will need more RAM and storage space compared to a receptionist. To cut down the cost even further, it is crucial to pick the right and reliable retailer but for your convenience, we have pre-select them for you here so you don’t have to spend more in future fixes and repairs.

refurbished computers.PNG

Warranty and return policies? It defers from one retailer to another and sometimes, it defers based on the computer models too. For more information about this, email us at hello@supplycart.my or call us at +603 7887 0110.

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