Office Invasion: Supahands

Invaded Supahands’ office and it’s not just fun but a productive one too! Office was pretty quiet when we arrived and we quickly set up all the goodies that we brought with us. Their team was pretty big but instead of a challenge (like we always do), we tested the team on how well they know each other – their things, of course! 😉

80% gone in 2 hours!

We sneaked out to the other side office for about 3 to 5 minutes and randomly “stole” 10 items that was seen on their desks. The game is simple. We present the particular item “stole” and they just have to guess who the item belongs to. The outcome? This game is a piece of cake to them.


And we thought it will be difficult for them to get it right. That aside, we also had a sharing session between the sales and marketing teams. Like we said, it’s not all fun but productive too!

Oh, here a their office pet, BAM BAM! This little cutie is already 13 years of age, so don’t mind him if he needs a little more sleep. ;D

Bam Bam

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