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Why pantry is important for employees' productivity?

In an usual case, employees stay at least 8 hours in the office and some maybe even more for about 5 days a week. Some may even say working professionals spend more time in the office than their.


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Top Pantry Food Items Based on This Study!


#Workhappy can start with meeting our basic needs. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs,  the most basic need that motivate human behaviour is our physiological needs which is comprised of.


What is #workhappy? - Pt. 1

A lot of us spend most of our waking hours in the office. Some even call it their first home and their actual home is just a place where they check-in just to sleep. The workplace as we know it has evolved over the years to a place with a lot of open spaces, fun corners, equipped pantry and even having bean bags in the office is an important furniture in the workplace.


A recent study done by Sodexo in 2015 on what defines the environment in the workplace rated the following as what encompasses a happy workplace

  • Quality of life in the workplace
  • Social interaction
  • Health and well being
  • Physical environment
  • Ease and efficiency
  • Recognition and personal growth

Looking at the key points brought forward, we wanted to be a company that is pro-actively creating new environments at the workplace.

maslow-pyramid Photo credit: Simple Psychology

I believe that a work happy culture begins with the motivation behind it. Maslow's hierarchy of need would best describe how to influence the environment of the workplace where right at the bottom of the pyramid would be physiological needs. People’s basic needs like clean water, snacks, fruits, coffee and a fridge goes a long way in meeting such needs and going up the pyramid of ensuring people’s motivation are adequate and met at the workplace. I have encountered workplaces where a proper pantry is not present and that employees are required to bring their own food and beverages. If the basic necessities are not met, people are not likely to be concerned about taking ownership to learn new skill sets to qualify them for future jobs or progress.

Companies are likely to have higher retention rate and employee satisfaction when proper structure and processes are in place. It creates the foundation of the company culture around the values it has established. Productivity increases significantly when all of these are in place.

With the right motivation and necessary needs being met, people are happier. A recent study conducted by University of Warwick found that happy employees are 12 – 20 % more productive in the workplace.

We learnt the importance of having a great environment when we started. A reflection on how we ourselves want to have that sense of feeling at home in the workplace stirred us to start a movement. The movement of spreading the importance of having a happy workplace which is well-managed and that feels just like home - feels just like family.

What better way to advocate a #workhappy environment by starting right with meeting our people’s basic needs for food, water and the best place for this would be the pantry. I believe that at any one time, psychologically knowing that we have access to food and water, we would be able to free up our brain space and focus on our work. Simple harmless thoughts like where am I going to get coffee, should I walk down to the grocery store, what should I eat or drink does take up time when in fact there are more important matters to think about. Once we start clearing those questions, we are most likely to find answers for a whole lot of other things. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Supplycart was coined to help businesses in creating better environment at the office. We look to share the #workhappy mythology by providing the little things such products and solutions that goes a long way to start managing the office better. First manage the pantry becomes a key important area we look into in taking the first steps towards a happy workplace.


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