Jom, Raya with Supplycart!

Ramadhan is just around the corner and this year, it will begin 27th May. During this holy month and one of the most celebrated festivities in the world, kurma is highly popular that is packed with benefits. Especially in the month of Ramadhan, kurma is highly recommended to be consumed when it is time to break fast in addition to water.

Therefore, this year we handpicked some of the most amazing products in the market to be packed in our version of Raya hamper for you and your clients!


Raya Hamper
Supplycart’s Raya Hamper

Our pre-order starts 15th May till 26th May 2017 and you can get this hamper with absolutely no delivery fee. So, be sure to order them!

If you missed the pre-order period, don’t worry as the product will be on our platform till 7th June 2017.

In addition to this festive season, we have partnered with so you could win an awesome prize from them! Contest starts 18th May to 25th May. Be sure to stay tuned on our Facebook page.

Get in touch with us via email at or simply click here for more info.

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