Top 3 inexpensive quality pens for your office

A pen is just a pen. Or is it?

Try explaining that to an Office Scrooge (a person who finds satisfaction in buying the cheapest pen available on planet earth).

Yes, lousy cheap pens exist to satisfy these scrooges.

In our office, a remnant of these pens still lie around somewhere. If you’re unlucky, you may end up with a new pen that has no ink, or doesn’t click into place. Or, the moment you start writing, the pen shoots into the air without warning, leaving the writer embarrassingly picking up pieces of the pen from under the table, or in a colleague’s freshly brewed coffee.

Photo credit: Pexels

There are some good, inexpensive pens in the market. Having spoken to Clients & Suppliers of office supplies, I’d like to recommend 3 good pens for the office.

  1. Faber Castell Click X7

The Faber Castell Click X7 ball pen is a popular one amongst offices. It writes smoothly, is reliable and its click is sturdy. Made of a tougher material, the edges do not break easily. Sold at an average market price of 80cents to RM1, this pen functions well even after multiple drops.

  1. Pilot G2

For companies with an image to maintain, this pen is for you. Ink flows well as long as you take care of its tip. Its ink dries quickly, preventing smearing. It is no surprise that law firms, real estate agencies and accounting firms use this pen for Clients to sign documents. Good thing about this pen is, refills are easily available. However, image comes with a cost. This pen sells at an average market price of RM5.20-RM5.50.

  1. M&G Retractable Expert Gel R5 0.7

This is one of the most underrated pens in town. It functions well as a signing pen, with its generous flow of ink – nobody likes half-baked signatures. The colour is strong, and dries quickly. While its exterior is nothing to shout about, the smoothness that you experience while writing may cause you to stick with it forever! Priced at an average market price of RM1.70 – RM2.00, this is currently my favourite pen.

If one day pieces of pen fly towards your direction, please recommend the Office Scrooge one of these 3 pens. I’ll be glad pen him an irresistible offer. Just drop me an email at: or simply go to

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