Surviving Ramadhan at the Workplace.

Ramadhan, dubbed as the holy month in the Muslim calendar has been well on its way as we are currently in the second week of fasting. Fasting while being at work may seem like tall order, but with these hacks Supplycart ensures ways for you to #workhappy while fasting.

1) Eat Sahur


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While the struggle to wake up extra early for sahur is immensely real, it’s best not to skip it in order for you receive the fuel you need to be productive at work. A sahur meal need not always be the usual rice and lauk mix as long as you consume foods that give you higher satiety. In other words, foods that will leave you feeling full for a longer period of time. Foods like oats, apples and nuts are all high in fiber and protein, all the essential nutrients necessary for satiety.

Need to grab those foods for sahur tomorrow from your office pantry? Let Supplycart take care of your office pantry needs! 

2) Stay Focused


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Are your hunger pangs taunting you? Got a grumbling tummy you’re embarrassed your desk mate might hear? Ignore them and continue what you’re doing. Staying focused and engaged at the task at hand is a good way to keep yourself occupied and keeps your mind off counting down the hours to buka. 

At Supplycart, we want to ensure you stay productive and take care of your office by supplying the stationery and equipment you need to #workhappy!

3) Take Your “Lunch Break”


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What we mean by taking your “lunch break” is purely figurative (Supplycart would not be held accountable for you breaking fast midday! ;P) So here’s what we mean by taking your lunch break: take some time off from work that you would usually take during non-Ramadhan months. That break may be in the form of a quick power nap or even a walk around the office, as long as you take your eyes away for your laptop screens for a bit so you’ll feel recharged for the second half of the work day!

Want to know how the Supplycart team takes a break and continues to #workhappy? Check out our Nerf Gun fun which you can read about here.

4) Be Prepared for Your Journey Home


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Let’s face it, Ramadhan or not, traffic jams on your way home from work is a never-ending constant congestion. In some cases, you may be stuck in one up until its time to break fast, but God forbid that happens! However, in the event it does, always be prepared and carry snacks like these granola bars or packeted drinks so you’ll be able to buka on the go. You can even pack up some dates from Yusuf Taiyoob (by the way, you are more than welcome to read that in a seductive whisper) because what is breaking fast without dates, right?

Supplycart has all your fasting needs in store, be sure to check out the Ramadhan specials on our website!

5) Keep calm and Fast On, Because Raya Is Approaching!


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If you think you still have a long way to go with fasting, fret not! Raya is less than 20 days away! How fast time flies! Treat the upcoming Hari Raya public holiday as motivation for you to keep going while fasting at work! Just keep in mind that in just a couple of weeks, you’ll be reunited with your family members (and probably reluctantly giving out duit raya ) all while enjoying ketupat and rendang.  You can also show off your Raya Hamper to your Raya house guests:

Raya Hamper

Supplycart’s Raya Hamper includes:

  1. 1 Box of Natural Delights – US Coconut Medjool Dates Roll (340gm)
  2. 1 Box of Natural Delights – US Natural Medjool Dates (450gm)
  3. 1 bottle of Mutiara Figs – Sambal Bilis Figs (200g)
  4. 1 bottle of Mangolicious – Homemade Mango Jam (100ml)
  5. 1 pack of Simply Cookies – Natural Lychee cookies (100gm)
  6. 1 pack of Amazin Graze – Rosemary Pepita Seed Mix (100gm)

It’s the perfect gift for your house guest and you can get it delivered to your office doorstep by purchasing it here!

At Supplycart we want you to #workhappy! So let us handle all your office needs– from replenishing  your pantry to restocking your office supplies, Supplycart is here to manage your office better. For more on our hassle-free service, visit our website at
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