4 Struggles That Are All Too Real for Left-Handers.

Happy belated Lefthanders Day from Supplycart! We’re giving an ode to all “lefties” at your office with this post.

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As a left-handed employee, you may feel like your workplace is out to get you in this right-handed centric world. We’ve listed 4 common struggles left-handers can relate to!

1) Stationery items are a pain

When it comes to stationery, scissors are arch nemesis number one for lefties. Many left-handers have expressed their frustration about using scissors and not being able to cut things properly. It’s high time scissors for left-handers become widely available in Malaysia!

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Aside from scissors, notebooks are another stationery item left-handers despise, especially ring-binded notebooks. We bet lefties cringe when they have to start writing on a new page that’s on the right side of the notebook because it means they have to wrestle the ring binder that’s placed next to the page.

2) Ink smudges are your hand’s accessory 

Whenever left-handers write for a long period of time you can expect to see the side of their palm stained with either ink smudges or pencil smudges.


Image source: The Daily Edge

And that doesn’t just happen on paper, when a left-hander writes on a whiteboard, they not only have ink residue on their hand but they also end up partially erasing what they just wrote!

3) Student desks are biased 

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Do you remember the student desks that graced the lecture halls of your university? Do you recall how those desks were attached to a chair and how those desks were unfortunately (and unfairly) placed on the right side?

We bet as left-handers, you had to creatively maneuver your notebook in order to write comfortably on those desks. Thank goodness offices have tables that are comfortable for lefthanders to #workhappy.

4) You apologize for accidental nudges during lunch time

Having a left-hand as your dominant hand also means it’s the hand you usually use to pick up eating utensils with. And because of that, food outings with your colleagues (who are majority right-handed) involve a lot of apologizing as you accidentally nudge them while you eat.

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We appreciate left-handers who take the initiative to sit at the left corner of the dining table as a form of courtesy to others and spare them from being elbowed (accidentally, of course!)

In a predominantly right-handed world, left-handers have adapted incredibly and creatively, especially in coping with the struggles listed above. And for that, we salute you lefties!

And if anyone is giving you a tough time about being a left-hander, know that only 10% of the world’s population constitutes of left-handers and some famous figures with the likes of Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie and Prince William are lefties themselves!

At Supplycart we want you to #workhappy! So let us handle all your office needs– from replenishing your pantry to restocking your office supplies, Supplycart is here to manage your office better. For more on our hassle-free service, visit our website at supplycart.my.

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