How did we fare in The Paper Challenge? Find out in this post!

How low can you go? 1 horizontal paper-fold? 1 vertical fold?

You may be wondering what in the world are we referring to when we ask those questions! We are referring to the latest viral challenge to hit our beloved internet: The Paper Challenge!

The goal of The Paper Challenge is basically to pick-up a piece of paper using your mouth with only one leg touching the ground.

All you need to carry out The Paper Challenge is a piece of A4 paper and yourself (p.s: wear stretchable clothes!).

The Supplycart team gave The Paper Challenge a try as a part of our now WEEKLY (previously bi-weekly) team sports day on Thursdays!

The Paper Challenge (for us basic-non-Olympic-gymnast-selves) consists of two levels:

Level 1: Vertical Fold

Level 2: Horizontal Fold

So how do you think the Supplycart team did in The Paper Challenge? Were we humbled by the most necessary office supply, the A4 paper? Find out below!


Level 1 is of course the easier of the two because of the height element that comes with folding an A4 paper vertically.

The Supplycart team who tried the first level mostly breezed through it. Nothing like the sound of cracking knee joints to signify a successful Paper Challenge accomplishment!

Level 1 was a success!

Now let’s level up to level 2 with the horizontally folded folder paper!

We’ll get straight to it and say we failed miserably! We got to picking it up eventually but it took a while, practice makes progress everyone!


We even had to go all crouching tiger hidden dragon for the second level because it was THAT difficult for us!

But we got there eventually, sadly that triumphant moment wasn’t caught on video. To compensate for that, here’s when level 1 was a flop:


But hey, if at first you don’t succeed try, and try again!


If you need some practice before you attempt the actual challenge you can try it with a “crutch” or some sort of support (we used a container from our pantry) to make the paper stand at first.

You can also try placing the folded paper on different levels by placing them on different elevated platforms such as tables or chairs in your office.

The most important thing to do before you try The Paper Challenge is to warm-up and stretch! We don’t want any pulled muscles that might stop you from #workinghappy.


How low can you go with A4 paper prices?

Looking for A4 paper to carry out The Paper Challenge? Visit for the best paper prices, from as low as RM 8.84 per ream!

For bulk purchases and paper subscriptions, call us at 03-7887 0110 today!

Making #workhappy and managing your office better,


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