Where did my stationery go? — Top 3 office supplies that always go missing

Ever come to work to find your work space looking a little different? Like things aren’t where they are and you can’t seem to locate them. Especially those items which can be easily misplaced like office supplies.

Supplycart has compiled the list of the most commonly misplaced office supplies and ways you can ensure they won’t go missing again!

Office supply #1: Post-it notes


Post-its, or sticky notes are essential for our working needs. Whether we use it as reminders or as labels, post-its are a must-have office supply.

With that being said, all your co-workers will need post-its too and sometimes their itchy hands will reach for what is closest to them — which may be your stock pile of post-its.

It’s understandable if they use one or two pieces but have you ever had your ENTIRE stack of post-its go missing?

Office supplies super tip #1: Stick your post-it notes stack to your desk by using adhesives so your colleagues won’t get away with ALL of your post-it notes.

Office supply #2: Paper


Overwhelmed by all the papers around you? Unable to find the printed document under the many piles of paper on your desk? That makes paper one of the most underrated office supply to go missing.

Being lost in a pile of other printed items would make you want to print another copy but even at the printer someone else might walk away with your printables.

Office supplies super tip #2: No need to re-print your missing documents by placing them in a tiered document tray. Be sure to label each tier for easier categorization.

Office supply #3:  Scissors


Scissors may not be a commonly owned office supply across everyone in the office but having one can come in handy.

Since it isn’t so common, there’s a chance  everyone else will your own pair of scissors and it’ll end up being misplaced.

One way to keep this from happening is by labeling your scissors so others will know who to return it to. Let’s hope they’ll know where to return them as well.

Office supplies super tip #3: When it comes to keeping your scissors in place, try mounting them on a cork board with two thumb tacks to hold them up.

Office supply #4: Paper Clips


Oh, paper clips. You either have too many paper clips or you can’t find any at all. The paper clip struggle is real folks!

For the times you are in need of paper clips to keep things together, keep them near your desk in a small container or jar.

Office supply super tip #4: If you don’t want to occupy space on your desk with more items, paste a piece of paper on your wall and insert a bunch of paper clips at the corners of that piece of paper.

Looking for more ways to keep your office supplies organized? Check out our previous post on keeping track of your office supplies.

Supplycart is here to help you streamline your office supplies sourcing process. With auto-restock options available, your office will never run out of stationery again. Let us manage your office better, visit www.supplycart.my today for all your #workhappy needs!

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