A4 Paper 101: A Quick Guide to Choosing A4 Paper for Your Office.

Have you ever been in a dilemma of choosing which A4 paper is the most suitable for your office?  You may think all papers are made equal but there are certain differences in these 210 mm by 297mm.


Why pantry is important for employees' productivity?

In an usual case, employees stay at least 8 hours in the office and some maybe even more for about 5 days a week. Some may even say working professionals spend more time in the office than their.


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For the past months I had the honor of calling myself the Marketing / HR intern, why an honor you might ask? For most (ex)students like myself, an internship can mean traveling from your desk, to.


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Top Pantry Food Items Based on This Study!


#Workhappy can start with meeting our basic needs. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs,  the most basic need that motivate human behaviour is our physiological needs which is comprised of.

4 Ways to Elevate Your Next Office Event

If you open your calendar, chances are you might already be booked to attend an office event. Attending events are fun, you get to mingle with your co-workers and enjoy the food. But planning an event, well that's a whole different story.


Sure you probably got your venue and food ready but sometimes your colleagues can be a tough crowd to impress and they'll probably have certain expectations set.

Go beyond your conventional office event checklist and EXCEED the expectation of your colleagues with additional touches that will elevate your event and make all the attendees impressed and happy.


What are some of the things I can do to make my event cooler?

1) Personalization

Personalise your event

A little personalization goes a long way in not only making your event special, but also makes the attendees feel special and appreciated.

One way you can include an element of personalization is through your companies very own merchandise. This is a great finishing touch for internal company events such as yearly Town Hall events and company sports events.

2) Appreciation


Appreciation is a great way to value your work-related relationships. A simple 'thank you' helps but as its a common and courteous phrase to say, it can be overused and the meaning diminishes. People will end up saying it for the sake of saying it.

One way you can go beyond the conventional means of a "thank you" of your event is by offering awards. Awards can be done both for internal events and external ones involving other parties and guests aside from your co-workers.

For internal and less formal events, you can categorize awards in a casual manner with fun accolades where you can reward your team with printed certificates and other goodies.

For more formal events involving clients, partners and other external business parties awards of appreciation can be in the form of engraved trophies or plaques. Companies often value such awards as it adds credibility to their brand, product and service.


An example of balloons incorporated for a client's event

Want to make a statement with your appreciation efforts? Try using balloons, be it the classic oval shaped ones or the helium ones with multiple shapes and alphabets, the possibilities are endless when it comes to balloons.

3) Interactive elements

Interactive elements

Events can sometimes be lengthy and audiences naturally don't have long attention spans to sit through a few hours of endless speeches by so and so. Putting an end to event boredom will make your itinerary look more appealing for your invitees to attend.

Interactive elements such as lucky draws, activities that encourage creativity like batik painting and even fitness activities like zumba and yoga can be incorporated into your events' itinerary.

 4) Go beyond catering


Food is a must when it comes to events. But if you want to spice things up in addition to having the usual catering, you can do so by having little snack stations. 

You can incorporate interactive elements in them like allowing your guest to make their own cotton candy by having a cotton candy machine. 

Customization is also possible when it comes to food. You can let your guest create their own food on the spot, so each guest would their very own dish.

Other ways to add a special touch to food is by having ice cream and popcorn machines.

Looking to level up for your next office event? Let us know on how we can assist you in getting the additional touches to make your event a successful one.