About Us


Welcome to ‘mind’ of Supplycart!

Let us make work happy.

You’re probably thinking what we do and what does “Let us make work happy” means. We’re so glad you asked.

Supplycart is an online business service company that goes the extra mile to bring happiness in the office.We firmly believe in customisable packages that suits every offices’ needs and as hard as for you to believe, we strongly believe size don’t matter. 😉 (pun highly intended)

Still don’t get it?

Imagine this. You had the longest meeting ever and you just want to take a break but the problem is the pantry is empty. Frustrated, yes? Now you probably had to run to the nearest convenient store and get what you need which will take easily about 10 to 15 minutes. Before you can even begin to enjoy your snack, your Google calendar prompt you and reminded you have another meeting coming up in 10 minutes. What a nightmare. 

Now imagine a better scenario where you just got out of the longest meeting in the century and there is a snack tray filled with different varieties of snacks in the pantry. You grab some and enjoy them with your colleagues probably talking about life and non work-related stuff. After about 10 to 15 minutes, you get back to your desk and you were prompted with a notification on the next meeting in 10 minutes. How do you feel?

Therefore, we believe every little things count in the workplace and without doubt, we are here to help.

So will you give us the honour to help you make your office a happier place?