Supplycart User Guide: ‘My Orders’

Do you frequently purchase the same items over and over again for your office?

Supplycart has a time saving feature for those who frequently repeat orders called ‘My Orders’! has a feature that can save your online shopping time called ‘My Orders’! You can utilize the ‘My Orders’ feature if you’ve signed up and purchased from Supplycart before.

‘My Orders’ lets you re-purchase the same exact same items that you’ve previously ordered without having to go through the hassle of individually clicking on a product!

You can also view the status of your order an its expected delivery date.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on using the ‘My Orders’ feature!

Step 1: Go to the “My Account” tab

In order to access ‘My Orders’, you have to click on the ‘My Account’ tab available on the top right corner of our homepage and select ‘My Orders’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Select a previous order to repeat order

Once you’ve gotten to the ‘My Orders’ page, all of your previous orders will be listed with the dates and reference number.

You can easily re-order them by clicking the ‘repeat order’ button.

Step 3: Confirm your order and add it to your cart

After confirming the order you wish to purchase again, the order will automatically be added to your cart.

You can checkout as per usual after the items are added to your cart.

You’re now all set to shop in a matter of seconds at!

Supplycart simplifies procurement for businesses through a single platform. As one of the first e-Procurement platforms in Malaysia, we help businesses to achieve efficiency by impacting the way they obtain and manage their procurement needs.

By helping businesses to innovate the way they procure more efficiently, we’re helping businesses put back time and money into what truly matters for their business.

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