Supplycart User Guide: Requesting a Quotation

Having trouble looking for a particular item? Use the ‘Request Quotation’ feature!

Our Request Quote feature allows you to request for a quotation for items you’re looking for without going through the hassle of looking for an item.

You can access the Request Quote feature at the top right corner of our homepage,

Do note that you have to be a registered user to receive a quotation, so be sure to sign up beforehand!

Here are 3 easy steps on how you can use our Request Quotation function:

STEP 1: Select a category

Choose from the options of office supplies, office equipment, fruit, catering or others.

STEP 2: Enter your item details

The second step when it comes to using the Request Quote function is to enter your item details. The item details page will vary based on the category you’ve chosen in STEP 1.

For the Office Supplies and Office Equipment category

Stationeries pantry goods tend to have many different brands, specifications and can be large quantity items. Supplycart has made it easier to request for a quotation on these items.

You can either list out the items you’d like to seek a quotation for or to make it even more convenient, upload a file containing all items you want to request a quotation for.

Proceed by entering your estimated weekly budget and your expected frequency of delivery (e.g weekly, fortnightly, monthly).

Office fruit

For the office fruit category, the process is similar to the office supplies category where you are required to fill up your estimated budget and delivery frequency.

The difference when it comes to requesting for quotations for fruit or food items is it requires the number of pax of how many people you plan on feeding.

As for choosing what fruit you’d like for your office, you can select from staple, seasonal and shared fruits.

Staple fruits are fruits you can find all year long like apples, bananas and grapes. Seasonal fruits are only available at certain times and shared fruits are whole fruits that can be cut and eaten by a number of people.

We would to select several options so we can help create a tailored fruit menu based on your budget!

Office catering

For the office catering details, briefly describe your event you plan on requesting a quotation for. It can be a daily team lunch, a special occasion like an office party to celebrate a birthday or a festivity.

Enter the number of pax and your estimated budget per pax as well as your intended catering date and the frequency of catering. Supplycart can make special arrangements for daily and weekly catering for your office.

Select your desired cuisine from our 4 main cuisine types: Malay, Chinese,  Indian and Western. If you are looking for a menu that isn’t listed in the cuisine option, you can always insert it in the additional comments section.

The most important section of entering your catering details is to enter the dietary requirements to ensure the caterer meets those standards.

If your office has other dietary restrictions, please include them in the additional comments section.

STEP 3: Enter your contact details

The final step before submitting your quotation request is to enter your contact details so we can get back to you about your quotation! We will give you a call within 24 hours upon your quotation request submission.

Supplycart simplifies procurement for businesses through a single platform. As one of the first e-Procurement platforms in Malaysia, we help businesses to achieve efficiency by impacting the way they obtain and manage their procurement needs.

By helping businesses to innovate the way they procure more efficiently, we’re helping businesses put back time and money into what truly matters for their business.

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