Supplycart User Guide: Checking Your Order Status

When will my order arrive?

You’ve placed your order and the next part is to wait for it to arrive. But sometimes, it can be difficult contain your excitement and you tend to wonder when will your order will arrive.

We have great news for Supplycart users, you can keep track of your order status under ‘My Orders’.

How do I check my order status?

Access the ‘My Orders’ feature

Upon logging in, go to the ‘My Account’ tab and select ‘My Orders’

Once you’re at ‘My Orders’ you will be able to see the order you just placed along with a corresponding status.

What does each order status mean?

Pending Payment

If you made a payment using the credit/debit card option or via online banking and something went wrong, your order will remain in the ‘Pending Payment’ stage.

The items will still remain in your cart and you have the option to proceed with payment by clicking the ‘Pay’ button.


We are in the midst of preparing your order to ensure it will arrive in the best condition possible.

Ready for Shipment

Your order has been successfully processed and is ready to be sent out to your selected address.

You will also see the scheduled delivery date of your order in the ‘Ready for Shipment’ stage.


Your order is out for delivery and making its way to your office!


Your order has been successfully delivered to you.


You have received your goods and an invoice will be sent to you according to your agreed preference.


If you decide to cancel an order within 24 hours, it will be reflected in your order status as ‘cancelled’

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