Is Remote Working The Future?

One element that is constant in every company is change. However, leaders may need to ask how prepared their company is in adapting with change. Fortunately, the availability of technological advancements has enabled us with multiple tools to perform our work better and more efficiently than before. For many companies, technology has also transformed the […]

Getting Stakeholders on Board With Procurement

The role of procurement is constantly changing and new approaches are needed. Procurement leaders transform the old process and replace it with the new ethos, method, and technology. However, the adjustment also requires work from all departments across the organisation to building good relationships with the stakeholders. There is no textbook answer to swiftly transform […]

Work Intensification: 5 Ways You Can Cope for a Better Work Environment

In today’s society, everyone is constantly on the move to reach the maximum level of efficiency. Which is unfortunately required in our highly demanding environment. This is the result of a few major changing factors like evolving technology, globalized markets, changing society and pace of life. Companies are forced to keep up with these constant […]

The Ultimate Employee Onboarding Guide

Welcoming a new employee is more than just adding a number towards your team’s headcount. You are also acquiring a new asset that can be worthy to your team and your company’s growth. That’s why having a successful employee onboarding experience matters — it plays a role in retaining the best talent and markets your […]

The Evolving Role of Office Admins & Managers

The ever-evolving workplace requires agility. One role in the office that successfully adapts to the modern office is the role of office manager and the office administrator. While the specific responsibilities of office managers and administrators differ between from company to company, the core scope of these office superstars lies in ensuring everyone else in […]

Do You Have Good Printing Etiquette?

Printing is an integral part of any office. According to Office Printing Statistics, on average a worker prints about 34 pages per day. Imagine all of the ink & toner as well as A4 paper that gets used up for a day’s worth of printing. Since printing is a part and parcel of any office, it’s important to practice certain […]

How to clear your year end budget in 8 ways!

We’re in the last quarter of the business year and for some of us, we probably have some budget leftover which we can clear. The burning question is how and what you can spend that leftover budget. Now you can either go with the practical route or the more.. absurd route when it comes to clearing out […]

Track Your Office Supplies: 3 Key Tips

Running an office is more than just furniture, electronic gears and employees. People often miss out office stationery. There’s a long list of office stationery when you’re setting up an office which also depends on the gears you have in the office as well as the company size. But if you’re already have a running office, keeping track of […]

How to Cope with Depression at Work?

Trigger warning: This post may be unsettling to some as it contains mentions of depression. Depression — topic a lot of people choose not to talk about and frequently ignore or don’t know much about. hy? Many think depression is a severe mental illness but in fact, it’s a common mental disorder that affects people of all ages, from all walks of life in all countries. According to World […]

10 Must-Have Cleaning Products for Your Office

An untidy office is not something new for some and if you’re agreeing to this, you would know how hectic the office could be from time to time. Sometimes, the mess starts from the pantry where some will leave unwashed dishes, open food packages, overflowing rubbish bin, empty food containers or untidy desks. One quick […]

4 Printer Problems We Can All Relate To

The printer plays a crucial role in any office. But when it acts up, it can hamper your workplace’s productivity. Common printer problems and solutions Printer Problem #1: Paper Jams Paper jams can be the bane of our workplace existence. If you’ve ever waited for your documents to be printed only to hear a monstrous […]

Storage Issues? 3 Ways to Organize Your Office

Office Organization Tips for Improved Productivity Office storage can present itself as a challenge, especially in working environments where space is limited. We spend nearly a third (if not more) of our day working in the office. Since productivity is crucial towards a smooth, #workhappy day at work, having an organized office is key. A […]

Year End Checklist for Offices

It’s almost the end of the year. Before we dive into the new year and turn a new page , there may be some customary items us employees need to settle before the year ends.  It could be clearing off your annual leaves, handing in performance reviews and organizing a town hall to align everyone […]

6 Office Cleaning Hacks

Your office is pretty much your second home, where you spend most of your time to work at the desk, forage for snacks in the pantry, share trending news by the water cooler, and spend hours bickering on where to eat next with workmates. Keep your workplace clean with these 6 cleaning tips 1. Mark your territory […]

Boost Productivity at Work

1. Have 30-Minute Meetings As Jeff Haden notes in an article, “whoever invented the one-hour default in calendar software wasted millions of people-hours.” The truth is that most meetings never need more than 30 minutes to accomplish their missions. Many really only need 15 minutes. 2. Light problems A dull, dark workspace is not going to inspire […]

7 Efficiency Hacks for Better Productivity

Time-management and prioritisation are terms we’ve all heard of. However, how do we actually tackle this matter? Here are some simple hacks to help you be more organise and progressive, even you are super busy. #1 Create your own schedule Having an agenda for the week or day will keep you on track. All you […]

Office Productivity Based on Studies

No matter what market your company might target, ultimately you’re in the people business. Even as a freelancer with no true employees, I’ve found that the customer is always right, and you must make them happy. If you’re running a company, your employees are your most valuable resource, and it behooves you to get the […]

Why You Should Start Incorporating Yoga into the Office

Happy International Yoga Day from all of us at Supplycart! While many practice yoga for leisure, we thought why not incorporate it into the workplace with a quick, 10 minute yoga break. The Supplycart team took some time off their busy schedule by participating in a short yoga session. We clearly enjoyed ourselves and here’s how […]

5 Ways to Combat the Post-Long Weekend Blues

Do you ever dread coming to work after a long weekend? Was it a little tougher than usual to crawl out of bed this morning? Found yourself staring blankly at your laptop screen while your mind was still on buffering mode? If you answered “yes” to all the above then you may have the post-long […]

3 Steps for Problem Solving During Meetings

Meetings are part and parcel to any organization. The Supplycart team sometimes go through more than two or three (sometimes even more) meetings in a week. Multiple meetings are one thing, but back-to-back meetings are a different level of meeting nightmares employees dislike. Oh, and don’t get us started on meetings that drag on for what feels […]

Coping with Anxiety at Work: 4 Easy Tips

Feeling worried or anxious are all natural emotions an employee may feel. But there are instances where those emotions may translate to an anxiety disorder. With this year’s World Mental Health Day theme being Mental Health in the Workplace, Supplycart aims to commemorate it by stressing the importance of taking care of your mental health, an essential component […]

How to Reduce Work-Related Stress?

Stress is something that has become a part of everyone’s lifestyle. At times, stress gets to us so much that every second of our lives seem to be influenced by it. Stress at work can have a snowballing effect and affect our personal lives too. Let us find out what the causes of workplace stress […]

Excelling at Excel: Handy Spreadsheet Tips

Has it happened to you before, that every time somebody in your office says the word “Excel” – you shiver at the thought of this huge grid of numbers where the unknown happens. Well, we’re here to dispel this myth and fear because Excel really is simple, as long as you know how to approach […]

Coping with Anxiety at Work: 4 Easy Tips

Feeling worried or anxious are all natural emotions an employee may feel. But there are instances where those emotions may translate to an anxiety disorder. With this year’s World Mental Health Day theme being Mental Health in the Workplace, Supplycart aims to commemorate it by stressing the importance of taking care of your mental health, an essential component […]

Breeze Through Your Work Day with These 4 Services

We’ve found 4 services you can use to simplify your daily work tasks and help you achieve your 2018 goal. 1) is an online platform that has all of your human resource management needs. has managed to simplify the HR process by creating an all-inclusive platform to oversee and streamline important employee documentation. […]