A4 Paper 101: A Quick Guide to Choosing A4 Paper for Your Office.

Have you ever been in a dilemma of choosing which A4 paper is the most suitable for your office?  You may think all papers are made equal but there are certain differences in these 210 mm by 297mm papers and no, we’re not just talking about it in terms of the paper’s colour. Supplycart is…

Top 3 inexpensive quality pens for your office

In our office, a remnant of these pens still lie around somewhere. If you’re unlucky, you may end up with a new pen that has no ink, or doesn’t click into place. Or, the moment you start writing, the pen shoots into the air without warning.

Bad culture is bad for business

“Are you happy with your job?”
If your answer is “yes”, then congrats, you’re probably in a company with a pretty good culture. But why culture plays such a big part in businesses these days?

10 must-have cleaning products for your office

An untidy office is not something new for some and if you’re agreeing to this, you would know how hectic the office could be from time to time. Sometimes, the mess starts from the pantry where some will leave unwashed dishes, open food packages, overflowing rubbish bin, empty food containers or untidy desks. One quick…

How to cope with depression at work?

The theme for 2017’s World Health Day is depression. A topic a lot of people choose not to talk about and frequently ignored or don’t know about. Why?

How To Avoid Migraines at Work?

Migraine.. aah! Only those who have undergone an episode of a migraine can understand how it actually feels. How to avoid this? Read on to find out!

What are refurbished computers and why should I get them?

Generally, ‘refurbishment’ means the distribution of electronics that was previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. And these reasons could be; failed to meet the quality and standard returned by customer and cannot be sold as new But fret not, refurbished computers are repaired and tested for functionality before selling as refurbished…

Ramp up your productivity by outsourcing your data entry

Every business needs to concentrate on the core activities of their business, and that’s often not easy to achieve as they’re constantly troubled by the stack of menial tasks. Thanks to technological advancements and the convenience of the digital world today, there’s a painless way to handle your next bulk of data entry – outsource…

Keeping track of your office supplies

Keeping track of your office supplies is crucial so you don’t have unexpected moments of running out of paper, printer toner, pens and even adhesives.